Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sheridan O'Neal submits Terence Koh #1

Sheridan O'Neal submits Terence Koh

Koh works mainly as a sculptor commenting on a variety of contemporary issues such as gender, sexuality, subcultures, and physical limitations. He takes common objects and transforms them into grand installations with use on unusual materials. His work questions the nature of the object and allows the viewer to interpret the work on many different levels. For example, his series "These Decades that We Never Sleep, Black Drums" uses found objects and creates these large black installations that comment on gothic subculture, sexual fetish, and more. He created these objects with plaster, cloth, metal, wax, vegetable matter, insect parts, cum, and blood. I think these pieces are very interesting and force the viewer to interact with the issues at hand by creating these large installations. They create beauty out of these objects that appear disgusting and decayed. He also makes performance art. His first solo show "nothingtoodoo" consisted of him crawling on his knees around a pile of solar salt all day everyday for a month. The entire installation and his clothing is white. A lot of people have speculated that he is doing it as a comment on peace. The salt being able to inflict and heal wounds. I think this is most successful piece as an artist. The aesthetics combined with the many interpretations that the viewer can perceive form the performance create an amazing work of art.

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