Monday, February 3, 2014


The Wade Brothers are David Lindsey Wade and Lyndon Wade and they are recognized as "one of the top lifestyle, fashion, and advertising photographers in the world." When first visiting their website, the thing I noticed first was how clean and easy to navigate through their website. I was able to look through several of their works from commissioned pieces for businesses and for pieces of art with ease. As I continued my way to their photography portfolios, the overview of their works, I noticed two very interesting portraits. Both of popular actors in our society today-Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. Immediately I was attracted to the off set of the color palette in regards to what is considered "normal". At first I was taken to Andy Warhol and his "Marilyn Monroe" (1967) with the skin tone being colors other than the usual varied flesh tones. For example, in the portrait with Michael Cera, his skin is a mint color and the background is salmon pink. His pose is interesting as well with what seems to resemble a pose from traditional paintings, looking up towards the heavens. In the other portrait, Jonah Hill is centered and cropped in a more traditional photograph portrait being cropped at the shoulders. Jonah's skin tone in this photograph is a light purple against a yellow background with hints of a cyan highlight tone in his hair, lips, and sweater. At first these portraits were a bit odd but at the same time they are very captivating. It is an interesting take and approach to photography. It raised some questions as to how their process is-did they do some of this in camera by changing the custom white balance or was everything done in post? Either way, I found these pieces to be very intriguing. Overall, all their work is excellent and the Portfolio > Reportage section is amazing! The use of lighting and different overall tones help move the pieces beyond an "ordinary photograph."

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