Sunday, February 4, 2018


            In There’s No Other Like Your Mother, Brandy Trigueros mainly explores the fears and reservations of motherhood. There are some aspects of motherhood that people do not want to admit to, such as not even wanting to have children, not wanting to give up their life, the fear of messing up their kids, the fear of being responsible for another life [both blamed and credited for what your child does], the feeling of being trapped. While humorous at first glance, the images contain a dark undertone that is a realistic perspective into motherhood. The series as a whole creates a narrative of an inner struggle in transitioning from a child to raising a child. Further, each image in combination with the titles, the viewer detects a cry for rescuing from this inner struggle. On another note, this series could connect with post partum depression and the struggle of feeling ashamed for it. Trigueros use of a house motif in a few images appear to reference not only the history of women in a home but perhaps to symbolize them as a prison [a place of confinement]. An image of a baby doll tied to a woman descending into water, a women on the edge of a roof, a women with pins and needles on her stomach and a woman holding up a cluster of rock reveals the inner struggle of becoming a mother.

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