Monday, February 26, 2018


            Photographer, Leslie Hall Brown discusses a controversial subject matter in her series, Not My President. Although, not particularly involved in politics, like many others, and myself, Brown used this series as a response and therapeutic measure. Not planning to share this series, in doing so Brown was invited into a community with shared beliefs and frustration over the current political power. This process showed Brown the power of art to unite the public and hopefully change it. Essentially, Brown digitally manipulates found photographs of Donald Trump and creates surreal imagery often seen in her work including images of Nazi soldiers, other political figures and animals. Additionally, text is another important aspect to this work in plainly sharing opinions. Not My President is somewhat a game of eye spy, locating the imagery and text, using context and concluding Brown and much of the population’s commentary. Clearly Brown’s work is commenting on Donald Trump’s presidency, as a political figure and as a person. This series makes numerous comments such as Trump’s immaturity, his lack or morals, narcissism and so on. The images are ordered specifically in the order they were made to act as a timeline of his presidency. While at first appearing humorous, the commentary is rather serious.

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