Tuesday, February 6, 2018


            At first, Gravity by Tomas Januska captured dancers turned jumpers in mid air but eventually altered to individuals without any dance experience, finding them to be less restrained. The subject is instructed to jump in the air 150-600 times in any position they prefer. Additionally, these subjects did not have a trampoline but jumped with their own energy, which leads to thinking about the shapes that were created after a loss of energy. Evidently in this project, the body is the object and subject, forming shapes they do not usually form on a daily basis. Distinctly, there is movement which aids is discerning their emotional state. While the still images are interesting, viewing the shapes the bodies make, the experience is more intriguing. Thinking about the process of jumping in the air, allowing gravity to form you seems therapeutic or cathartic. Further, there appears to be a surrendering to gravity and whatever you may be holding onto at that moment. There is a sense of freedom, releasing what your body carries even if for only a second at a time.


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