Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Juan(Jed) Vasquez: Klaus Kampert, on Widewalls.

Klaus Kampert was born in 1953 in Dusseldorf Germany. During his childhood (a boy) he began to draw all on his own. His curiosity for the arts began at such a young age. As he got older he had focused (a pun I know) on majoring in history while keeping photography on the backburner. However, Kampert found himself at the crossroads. He had to decide on which career to pursue and which career to put away. Photography won his heart. Kampert was a self-taught artist having never taken any formal lesson. He did, however, work for many highly regarded photographers before opening his own photography studio in 1981. He matured as a photographer so much so that companies like Boss, Puma, and Audi all hired Kampert to do adds for them. Kampert photographs were loved due to the simple, elegant way that he represented a narrative. But he also well known for his nude works of art, and his representation of the human body is also simple and elegant. There is more than what meets the eye. The forms of the human body, contours, curves, as well as the strong emotions that they impart lead Kampert to remark that, “the body is but a vessel for the soul”. He does away with gimmickry and instead draws attention to the strong emotion that each photo emits. They are simple, no props, metaphors, or symbols. What one sees is what one gets. Kampert also enjoys using reflections such as the reflection that the properties of water can have. The use of geometric shapes does surround the photos. Shapes such as triangles. Spherical, or cube shapes. Kampert photos radiate a powerful sense of beauty that originates in simple, well thought out elegant forms, mixed with raw emotions.



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