Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Job Posting

From Craigslist:
"I'm sure you all better things to do than to read a long job post on CL, so sweet and short...

I own a very distinguished and reputable company that covers weddings in San Antonio and surrounding areas, we've been in business for 6 years, so we're pretty established. I have a need for a freelance photographer, who has experience, equipment and works well under the guidelines of the company. It's ok if you have your own style, techniques, vision, etc. but it's also important to be able to listen. The better your work and people skills, the better the pay. I can pay anywhere between $35 - $50 per hour, most events are 5 and above. Let me know as much as you want about yourself. Needless to say it be less time consuming for all if you provide work for us to view online.

Happy Holidays! "

link to listing:

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