Sunday, December 12, 2010

Salina Ellis presents Ma Liang

also known as Maleonn

The magic photographer. This artist is simply amazing in the depth and beauty of his work. I found his artist’s statement 3/16/2008 very comforting. In it he questions what use is art? I find myself asking this often and struggle with putting effort and so much of myself into what may be a useless act. Are the sacrifices worth it? He finds a simple answer in a glass marble. I don’t know that I can completely agree with his finding, but it is comforting to know that he too questions.

He is a Shanghai photographer who creates inventive theatrical sets using props, actors, and digital editing. The majority of his work is heavily detailed and intricate, but one series, White on White is extreme in its simplicity. Both styles are beautiful.

Born in 1972, he picked up his first camera at 20, and compared studying photography to studying physics, boring. He didn’t return to photography until 2004 when he got his first digital camera. He claims his work is about self identification and emotion.

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