Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yvette Coronado Submits Zoe Strauss

I love the self made photographer and Zoe Strauss definitely fits that bill. Strauss is a self taught street photographer based in Philadelphia. The legend goes on her thirtieth birthday Strauss received a camera and began using her Philadelphia neighborhood as her primary subject. Her photos showcase her South Philly neighborhood's gritty character. Strauss has stated that her work is" a narrative about the beauty and difficulty of everyday life." Her work rings true to that statement as her portraits of the people in her neighborhood are intimate and sincere. Strauss is the director of the Philadelphia Public Art Project, which holds an art show under a local highway I-95 and there she sells photocopies of her work for just five dollars. Her website http://zoestrauss.com is a bit of a mess since she declares she has not updated it for four years, but her blog is current and can be accessed there.Strauss' work is intriguing, even on her DIY aesthetic alone, please look into this artist.

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