Sunday, December 12, 2010

Salina Ellis presents Holly Andres

Her Sparrow Lane series has received wide recognition. It is the narrative of young girls learning “forbidden knowledge”. She describes the series as an “elliptical narrative” that isn’t designed to be viewed in any order. The shedding of innocence has long been a topic I would like to explore and she has done well portraying it. Along with the many layers of texture and props, she duplicates one of the models and makes her a twin. She creates the entire space, even going so far as to creates the wallpaper on her computer, print it out on her home computer and pasting it together on the wall.

I did find one print titled “Nolan’s bedtime story” that shows a family living in their car. It is a 12 print series, but I was only able to find 3.

She is the youngest of 10 children and was born in Montana. Holly claims that she draws upon childhood experiences for her work, but also incorporates some fiction as well. She also works with film in her installations.

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