Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yvette Coronado submits Stefan Ruiz

One of my favorite magazines was Colors. It began in 1990 and featured documentary photography, infused with fashion aesthetics and art, and reported on various social issues. Stefan Ruiz was creative director of Colors from 2003 until 2004. His photography is available to review on his website http://stefanruiz.com. The site is simple, yet well laid out for navigation. Ruiz's series Factory of Dreams is documentation of the Televisa Studios in Mexico City, Mexico. This studio produces many of the Mexican soap operas, or telenovelas, that symbolize the Cinderella story line. The photos feature a behind the scene glimpse of different telenovela productions, with the actors and stages. The series is an interesting blend of art and documentation, typical for Colors magazine. These photos seem like a narrative setups, as if we can see into a sleazy hotel room or into a orderly maid's quarters, but the hint of studio lighting above the scene allows the viewer to realize the stage set scenes. Visit his site to explore Ruiz's other series and projects, which also include a section devoted to his work for Colors.

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