Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amanda S. post #7: Mark Laita's Created Equal

Mark Laita's Created Equal series is quite entertaining. These images go to the heart of the truth, which is we are, in fact, created equal.  Everyone starts out as a blank slate, but our various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, along with every life choice we make, creates the individuals we are today. Laita captures humor, irony, and blatant truth about how different we are, yet on many levels we are all the same.

I'm drawn to his straightforward approach to photographing his subjects. The basic backdrop does not allow the background to detract from the subject.  The dark ambiance lends itself to the sinister feeling most of the images create when paired together.  I'm a fan of contrast and rich mid-tones, so these are quite appealing to me.


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