Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ruth Olivares Post # 9

WEll my final idea has changed a bit. I hope I can pull it off. I've been inspired by Sason Salvon's photos of MEAT DOILIES. I mentioned that in my last post and now I'm working on collaborating meat ideas with the Photographer and Artist Vik Muniz. I watched his documentary called WASTELAND on NETFLIX. He photographs people who are garbage recyclers in a huge landfill called "Jardim Gramacho" in Rio de ginero, Brazil and creates art work out of recycled material using his photographs.  He takes his images and blows them up onto a studio floor and then has his workers find different shades of various objects in the landfill to create different values of the gray scale. He then outlines the images and photographs the artwork. They are unbelievabel....I'm gonna try to incorporate this into my FLESHY FINAL!!!!!!!! lolol!

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