Sunday, August 5, 2012

Amanda S. post #8: 35mm film in Holga

I'm ready to try 35mm film in my Holga camera.  I found this extremely simple modification online and set up my camera similarly.  This should be a fun change of pace from using 120 film.  Using these "toy" cameras has helped me become more open to informal picture taking.  I'm usually after the straightforward (and clear/sharp) beauty in nature, but this class has forced me to think outside my mental box.  This is one of those fun things I want to experiment with "just because I can." 
 I find the extension of the picture all the way to the edge of the film very appealing for some strange reason.  It's an effect I have attempted digitally and it always comes out "too perfect."  The grittiness of the edge around the film's sprocket holes is what my previous attempts have lacked.  It makes it authentic, and prior to this class it would have bothered me.  Now I like it.  (both photos are from Zinkwazi Photoblog)   (link to photo below: mustang)


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  1. Wow! This is toooo Kool! I'm gonna have to try this. I have tons of film left over from a prior class.