Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amanda S. post #6: Kenneth Josephson

I enjoy the visual illusions of Kenneth Josephson's "picture within a picture" work. What's particularly appealing to me is the continuing horizon line in some of his pictures. It's amusing, yet takes a lot of thought and planning to get it right. I've recently noticed several TV commercials using this technique. Even though it's becoming more popular, possibly common, I'd still like to try it myself. The combination of color digital and black & white film could create some interesting pieces.

Wisconsin (Landscape):  The use of the bush as an obstruction we see "through" makes this piece an unexpected visual delight.

Michigan:  The photo of the woman in the tropics is a little askew, yet he still got the horizon line just right. The cold waters of Lake Michigan in contrast with the warm waters of the tropics adds a bit of humor to this one.

Drottningholm, Sweden:  He almost got the line of the pond correct, but not quite and it distracts me. I like the overall idea and visual appeal of the photo, but that error just gets to me and makes me more conscientious when creating my own photos of a similar style.

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  1. You know these are such simple concepts of an idea and because of that these images come out so remarkable. They're not over thought a bit. This is an area I struggle with. I over think things way too much. I'm getting inspired. I just need some more margaritas to allow myself to think simple and free.Hee Hee!