Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Art 21: Memories -- Katy Schmader (Post #6)

Art 21: Memory

Lately, I have become borderline obsessed with the inner workings of our memories, why we save what we save, and how these memories influence art ( As I am sure you all know, I blog about nothing else). That being said, the other day I came across an episode of Art 21 specifically designed around artists in memories, so of course I immediately felt a desire to watch.

The episode is done beautifully, and I was really interested by the artists work. There was just one thing missing, a discussion about memory. I felt as if these artists used the abstract idea of memory in order so they might better describe their own work, but in no means were these artists discussing the same type of memory that I am looking at.

This got me thinking... about all the different ways memories can be discussed. Is there a right or wrong way to interpret them?

I recommend you watch said video, it is quite interesting. It also feature Hiroshi Sugimoto, one of my all time favorite photographers.

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