Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Andrea Couture submits Frank Hamrick

Frank Hamrick is a photography teacher from Louisiana Tech that spoke at the SPE South Central Conference that several of us went to a few weeks ago. A lot of his work is centered around his family and growing up in Georgia and he has recently started making books. I instantly fell in love with these quaint photos and the rest of his body of work. One of my favorite series is called Hideaway. In this body of work Hamrick went back home to Georgia and photographed the home and area where he grew up. These photographs make me want to go visit family and photograph everything that was important to me as a child.

Another one of his series that I really enjoy is "The Ship is Going Down". The birth of this work came while Hamrick was working for the summer in Maine. He had two boxes of newly acquired Polaroid 665 positive/negative film (Polaroid had just announced that they were going to stop production) and decided to start taking photos. He mainly chose to shoot photographs of the people he was with while in Maine. He felt it fitting to use the precious, "endangered" film to photograph friends that were only in his life for a short time. Also, the camera he used was one that had a fixed focus of 25 inches, so these photos are very intimate. Frank Hamrick is a wonderful photographer. Here's the link to his website to see many more of his photographs.

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