Friday, October 29, 2010

Thomas Lopez submits Arthur Tress

In my research for the tableau project I was looking at various photographers that do work in this style. I was very impressed by much of the work done by Arthur Tress. His work is quite intriguing and some of the photos are set in a surreal kind of environment which really gives the pieces an edge. The scenes seem to create a mood that can lead the viewer into another world. The photos are visually striking and compositionally very well done as one would expect from an artist of this caliber.

I particularly was drawn to his piece entitled Bride and Groom. I find that the combination of the bride and groom figure and the setting in this what appears to be a abandoned building give the viewer such a stark contrast that is quite intriguing.

I also was quote taken by on of his photos entitled Minotaur the portrait of the male nude set again in what seems to be an abandoned building or some alley are quite interesting.

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