Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christel Schlager Submits No Escape: Photographs of the Brothers Montiel Klint

(The image on the left is one of many that were shown at the gallery. You can't really take pictures there, so the image I talked about isn't shown, I just happened to find this on Klint's Flicker page.)

I visited SAMA a second time in a week, this time to see the Klint brother’s exhibition. I practically went and saw Gerardo Montiel Klint. It was the one with a lady sitting on a stool at a table, half of her glass of water filled, with a set of pills on the table labeled Prozac 20 Dispersible. She is reading a book named “Himnos a la noche”. Anthem of the night is a loose translation of the name. The setting has an interesting angle (perspective) due to the house and the hallway. We also have in the photo four small light sources throughout the image that are red and a fifth that looks to just be hitting the figure. What is the meaning behind it? Does it related to all the other elements being shown with the figure? What is the story being told? This image certainly keeps you asking questions, and leaves you wanting answers that you yourself may have to just try to answer. I just see it see a story with all of them that shows a certain type of fear that women had to face with. With the way the figure has been staged it does remind me of the conversation we had in class about theatrical settings. Does it help the artist convey his thought over to the viewer? It may in fact just be a little bit to stage for me, but the photo just might be showing and presenting how these women are being frozen and stuck at the moment of their thoughts. The over all, the print quality of the image looks really nice, and the idea for this image came across wonderfully with the use of all the colors, that work together quite nicely.

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