Sunday, October 10, 2010

Courtney submits the Klimt brothers 10/10/10

Last weekend, I visited SAMA to see the Klint brothers show. Their work differs considerably, except that they both shoot tableaus. Gerardo showed only a few photos. His photos seem to try to tell a story, leaving the viewer to backfill the details. They have a sort of melancholic feeling to them, which is enhanced by the weird reddish yellow tone they all have. All of them made me want to look a little harder to see if I could figure out what was wrong.
Fernando's work is almost opposite. The scenes are frenetic, busy and colorful. They have a more surreal quality to them, reminding me of strange dream sequences. They all beg the question, "What happened before this picture was taken?". They make me a little uneasy.
It seems obvious to me that Fernando is the younger one of the two. His work looks like "class clown" while Gerardo's look like more introverted and thoughtful.
While this show was interesting to look at, I wasn't overly impressed. Though, I have to say, the whole family got a laugh from the barfing clown. Gross.

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