Sunday, October 10, 2010

Christel Schlager Submits Today's China

Today’s China World Tour
China Photographs Association

So today I went to also go see the “Today’s China” photographs. I was the only one there at the time, but after I walked in I guess it let other people have an excuse to follow and the room became one with two to one with five. When you first walk into the room though, you get a handout with the preface about the exhibition and as well as one with the list of all the titles of the images within the gallery. I’m mentioning this because in my next entry with Trinity I want to point out some differences of galleries. My professor from Mesoamerica class mention that the location and surroundings the artwork is placed for the viewer is just as important when it comes to reading the piece as a whole.

Some images I saw when looking through the gallery were first “Mount Taishan.” It had an interesting angle from the photo. You could see how slanted and rounded the stone wall/hill was. It was very captivating to know that the lettering which is written on this stone was written from top to bottom and it looks perfectly straight and all of them all equal sizes. Image how hard it must have been to get them to be like that! In the background you can see the stone stair case and within the image it makes a very interesting composition element because it is bit slanted and angled in the corner of the photo.

“Mount Huangshan” is an image of this giant mountain, that shows the process of nature creating such an elaborated and stunning work of art that is awe aspiring. The photo not only shows the grandeur of the mountain but weaves it together with this huge towering case of clouds in its background. You don’t even notice its clouds at first! I thought it was the white of the photo paper. A funny note in this is that if you look closely you can see houses, people, and even the stone stairway across the left middle side of the photo. There is many great elements in this shot itself, with the hidden Easter eggs with the people on the mountain and the use of taking the image in an appealing angle/view that makes you really tilt your head when you view it.

All the images present china as the wonderfully historic place of culture and colorful ritual that it is. I don't think I ever knew how pretty landscapes can be until looking at these photos. I wouldn't mind even having a print of one of these within my home. They give off such a peaceful presence. It really does remind me that there's much more to see in this life and it give me another good reason to make myself travel to go and see such places for myself. A photo can only do so much  for you.

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