Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thomas Lopez Submits Andrea Modica

Andrea Modica’s work entitled Still Life is a very interesting work in that it plays on the word still life that we normally would think of in art. Some of the photographs are leaning to the sick or slightly disturbing. It is a small amount of images but I feel it does work well as an exhibit.

The photos are not titled but the first image I am posting is of what appears to be a tiny baby in a jar and does seem to give you a response when you see it and possibly not a good one or a warm and fuzzy one I should say.

As for composition I think all of the photos are an excellent choice of position of object, lighting and, the images chosen. I particularly love the lighting in the second image of the eggs in the bowl the reflection on the mirror and the way the shadows create different lines is quite striking.

In her work entitled Fountain the lighting she is using and the images work well together to really set a mood for the photos. This series has quite a few very striking photos. Her manipulation of the lighting to create leading lines is very effective in drawing the viewer into the work particularly in the one of the back of a nude where the light really draws your eye to the focus of the photo as well as creates its own focal point.

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  1. She is a long time fave. Such AMAZING darkroom work.