Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Andrea Couture submits Carrie Mae Weems talk

Many of us went to the Carrie Mae Weems talk during SPE. I thought that she was a great speaker. She seems to be very passionate about her art and allows her life to be consumed by the work she is making at the time. Weems had a lot of interesting things to say and I enjoyed seeing her work. The work that I was most drawn to was her Kitchen Table Series.

I think this series is interesting because all of the photographs are set in the same scene, only the characters and a few simple props move and change. Each photograph is set where most of the kitchen table is seen and the light hangs down, shining brightly in the middle of the table. These photographs are simplistic but they say a lot. This series talks about the human relationship (romantic, mother/daughter, friend, ect.) I really enjoy the interaction between the characters; it reminds me of the things that really do happen around a kitchen table. I also feel that many of life's events happen around the kitchen table and that is where we learn about each other and ourselves.
If you would like to see more from this series, visit this link:

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