Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blair Bodden submits Carrie Mae Weems SPE Conference

Carrie Mae Weems was the Keynote Speaker at the Society of Photographic Education South-central Conference held at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Weems gave her lecture on Friday September 30 to a recital hall full of students and faculty from seven different states. Weems is a very articulate and strong speaker which shows the passion she has for creating the bodies of work she has done and still will do. During her lecture the body of work that she spoke that struck my interest was the work she has done in the city where she lives. The body of work is titled Social Studies 101, Operation: Activate, 2011. This particular work interested me because Weems decided to use her art to take a stand in her community on violence but she still incorporates her contemporary style to these messages in what is said in them and how and where they are presented. This shows that our art can be used for so many things if we choose to do so with it.

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