Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ray comments on Looks Who's Taking: Connecting with Social Media

There are some fun and valid reasons why photography has taken a form of art by means of social media. First of all, do you believe photography is an art form? If you do, do you believe all photography is art? I know there is art in all mediums that I have a hard time considering it as art. I Do believe art is subjective to a certain extent, but where do we draw the line, so to speak. I can see the beauty, and have embraced the resource possibilities of social media and the different means of communication. I am entertained by the logistical possibilities via photography. But, I also feel strongly about the basic elements involved in creating or capturing a photographic image. I really hope someone argues this point with me! Maybe social media photography should be classified as entertainment, or as a special event. Maybe I'm old fashion, But I have a hard time considering this type of photography as art. Maybe my elementary aged nieces and nephews are freaked photographic fine artist because they have taken some amazing photo that carry much more validity as fine art than many photo exhibit that are currently being displayed, in public, galleries, and museums. While I appreciate the passion for capturing images for whatever reason or purpose we have, we are entering new territory as far as form and content are concerned. Looks Who's Taking: Connecting with Social Media was certainly an I opener for me.

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