Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blair Bodden submits Annette Fournet

Annette Fournet is a contemporary photographer who lives and teaches photography in Memphis, Tennessee and in Prague, Czech Republic.

Fournet uses collected old snapshots, carte de visites, and portraits in the body of work titled Lost Promises. This series Fournet states, “celebrates all the promises of life – marriages, special occasions, and family gatherings.”

In this body of work, Fournet has combined found images, scanned materials and her own black and white photos to create a narrative for the people in her photographs. These images that she finds are usually old portraits or snapshots of people she does not know. So in creating this work she gives these individuals a new story. Again this is another artist that I found doing research for my own work it is very intriguing how she uses found material and found individuals to create the characters of her narratives.

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