Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blair Bodden submits Brianna Burnett

To give a brief background on Brianna Burnett, she is from Houston and studied her BA at Austin College in Sherman and received her MFA from Texas Tech University. Most of Burnett’s work seems to be done in an alternative process, tintypes. I found this work intriguing not only for use of the tintypes but for the basis of her work that she completes. Behind Burnett’s work revolves the act of storytelling. Burnett uses this idea in all of her bodies of work which take a look at interpreting stories. In Burnett’s artist statement she states, “I interpret stories, retell memories, and interpret narratives I have heard. This act of retelling becomes an oral reference of time and collection…As humans, the stories we collect keep us connected all to being alive and experiencing life. I envision this body of work as being a collection of images which reference experience, past, connections, and community.”

The use of storytelling and narrative has always inspired my work as a student artist. In my research for my work I have found several artists that influence and inspire me to keep going with my work even though sometimes I struggle with getting my idea across clearly. Brianna Burnett is a great resource for concept based work and also for the use alternative process in her work.

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