Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rebecca Villarreal presents Binh Danh

Binh Danh is a photographer who uses a the alternative process of photosynthesis to create images on leaves. His work is extrodanary to look at and was one of the things that inspired me to try the process out in class this semester.

Much of his work is based on his Vietnemese heritage and the trials and tribulations Viet Nam has suffered over the years. Many of his images come from old negatives he's found of war and the people who were in the middle of it. Danh uses a variety of leaves and grasses to print on, the quality is amazing to look at of the image and the print. I never would of thought you could get some of the range he does in a plant. There is a bit of poetic feel to his use of leaves as his canvas, more so I think for the leaves vulnerability and the past's vulnerability. Something I like about the process, because there are conflicting ideas on it stability to last for long. An idea that coincides with history's ability or inability to keep the past alive in the future.

He's definantly someone to look at.

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