Friday, October 21, 2011

Katy Schmader presents Sarah Cusimano Miles

I first met Sarah Cusimano Miles at SPE nationals in March. She recently spoke at the South central conference in town. Man oh man is her work exciting.

Miles had access to all the unused animals at the Anniston Museum of Natural History in Anniston, Alabama. Miles composes these creatures to create these beautifully composed images. I believe a lot of her influence comes from religious renaissance artwork. All the objects in the frame of her photograph tend to have a greater meaning than purely being fixed into the image.

The greatest thing about these images is how they are composed. Sarah Cusimano Miles breaks the image into a grid. In each portion of that grid she takes several different photographs at different focal lengths. When she uploads all these collected images into photo shop she masks off each image in a way to give herself in infinite amount of focus. This process creates incredibly detailed images.

Not only are these images beautiful, but they create a conversation between the specimen and the viewer.

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