Thursday, November 3, 2011

Andrea Couture submits Dan Burkholder

Dan Burkholder is an artist working with alternative processes. The above photos are examples of his platinum prints. The first one is pigment over a platinum print and the second is platinum over gold leaf.
When creating the pigment over platinum prints he combines the process of platinum printing with digitally applied archival inks. The platinum part of the gold leaf prints are printed on a very translucent vellum paper. Burkholder then applies gold leaf to the back of the paper so that all of the highlights in the image are the reflective gold of the gold leaf. Both of these techniques produce very rich prints and I have a feeling the web images don't do them justice.
Even though Burkholder is mainly taking landscape photos, he ends up with images that are very rich and ominous. The saturated color of the platinum printing comes to life with the different techniques that Burkholder uses. Another aspect that gives the images a sense of ominousness is Burkholder's use of focus, depth of field, and exposure time.

Here is his website:

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