Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rebecca Villarreal presents Bill Dewy

Bill Dewy is an aerial photographer who approaches his photos with a painter's touch. Many of his photos look as if he took a giant paint brush created a composition and photographed it. All his photos have sweeping lines that translate in to brush strokes that were not smoothed out before they dried. Each photo seems to be a composed of a study of lines and texture. All of the lines in his work create a since of movement that allows the eye to travel the image a million times over. His use of texture is phenomenal too, looking at his photos you almost want to try to sweep your hand across the image to see if you can feel the prickly sensation of the hay. The other great thing about his photos are the colors, all his yellows are rich and his blues deep. He is some one to look at if you are interested in landscape photography.

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