Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rebecca Villarreal presents Don Gergorio Anton

Wow! is about all I could intially say when I found his work. He's a perfect photographer to look at for this class because he works with an alternative process. He prints transparent images on copper if I remember right. His work is incredible, he seems to pull inspiration from a little bit of everything. Many seem describe his work as not catching a moment in time, but as catching that emotion or essance of life in time. Conceptually his work is spot on with his ideas of catching the soul. The process he's working with gives all of his images that etheral look. Some of his work reminds me of Mexican exvotos with the combination of text and image. All of it seems to have diementionality, nothing is flat with what looks like many layers of imagery. It translates well from computer to magazine prints, nothing is lost it would seem from the original. I would really love to see his work in person.
He's done an artist residency at Light Work and has shown work from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

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