Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rebecca Villarreal presents Ellioutt Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt is a photographer who has shot almost everything. He's mostly known as a photojournalist but much of his work goes beyond that. His work and achievements have transcended decades. He won the Life Time Achievement award in 2011 from the International Center of Photography's Infinity Awards.

His photography is all about observation of ordinary places, which to some maybe a little conceptually simple...but that just maybe the beauty in them. His idea is so simple, but his images are complex and emotion provoking. Which is one of many reasons why much of his work has become iconic over time. His most famous photo is of Jacqueline Kennedy at JFK's funeral clutching his flag. Its obviously a charged image emotionally, but stepping back from the enormity of the situation he the images transforms Jacqueline from the first lady to a woman grieving for the loss of her husband.

All of him images are snapshots in life moments that can be funny to serious, I can't completely explain it all they just resonate. He's got a good eye and part of that reason I think is because he doesn't try to make something happen, he just lets life take its course. His portraits are the same way, its as if with many of them the people sitting for him were having a conversation with him completely forgetting there was even a camera in the room. You are looking at snap shots of who the person is not the celebrity or character they play.

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