Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rebecca Villarreal presents Lisa M. Robinson

Lisa Robinson is a Landscape photographer and her specialty seems to be these barren photos of snow. Looking at her work for too long and you get this really lonely, "There's no one left on earth," feeling. She reminds me a little bit of Sara Frantz...yes the drawing and painting professor...her photos look a lot like Sara's drawings in that all you see are these man made objects in a sea of white. Its such a stark contrast to what most are use to seeing in landscape work. If you looked at it conceptually her work has this theme of scenery devoid of life and human contact. It works for many of the images. I won't lie and say some of the photos of this barren land she's taken are a little boring, but most of the work is really neat to look at. My favorites are Valhalla and Veil, the waves frozen in time like that its just crazy to believe nature sometimes just stops...with out the help of photography. The other thing that is really working for me in her work, are the bits of color that just pop against the white snow. If some of those pictures were taken in the spring time things like the park bench and the basketball hoop would be lost. Her work looks at the world in a slightly different way, in many ways its one of those things we never notice.

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