Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Barbara Ess- by Monique Alonzo

Barbara Ess

        Barbara Ess is an American photographer who is known for her use of  a pinhole camera. She works with large scale images and often creates images that leave a lot to the imagination of her viewer’s. To be honest, Barbara Ess’s work is what inspired me in my own work with the 4x5 camera. Her images are often seen as vague, unresolved and sometimes rather eerie. It leaves a lot to the imagination and leaves you feeling like you are walking the thin line between the dream realm and reality. Her use of just one color is also very successful as it lets you focus on just the image. In her book, “I Am Not This Body.” Barbara Ess focuses on ‘the ambiguous perceptual boundaries’. Her images in this series often leaves a stir of emotions that is very effective. 

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