Friday, December 9, 2016


            Josh’s Quigley’s Untitled from his series A Shameless Longing explores the ideas of intimacy in which there is a juxtaposition between two types of photographs in the series: family photographs and stranger photographs. Expectantly, his family photographs are more intimate because of the personal connection and access to the subjects. On the other hand, the stranger photographs are less intimate because of the lack of connection to the subject. Although the stranger photographs may seem just as intimate, there is not enough of a relationship in order to fulfill the narrative alone. Further, he explores the suggestions of intimacy in the home and how the concept is hidden from the world as if the world sees intimacy as inappropriate. Quigley views the home as, “anonymous dwellings are swallowed up by the surrounding landscape, their facades exposed to the elements while protecting their inhabitants secrets. These inner sanctums have become the last vestige, a respite from the gnawing public eye as well as a physical shelter from the outside world. The homes are being obliterated by the camera lens, by fire, or being taken over by nature and shadow. There is the element of danger looming, its law of the jungle, survival of the species. Inside the stage is set, and “we” the characters, uninhibited, can act as we please. Sexuality abounds, depicting individuals, couples and families in intimate and vulnerable moments. Outside of the public’s gaze, guards are down, and traces of a primitive ancestry reveal themselves within our domesticated caves”. Some scenes are more intimate including bedroom scenes. Other images of the outside of homes are less intimate and more observant. Some images include family scenes with children. Some even suggest that the two varieties of photographs be their own separate projects but Quigley was drawn to the juxtaposition. The series has been in the process or years with no clear direction until after Quigley completed graduate school. Now they are the version we know today as A Shameless Longing.

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