Sunday, December 11, 2016

Flor Ameira Reviewing Todd Hido

     Todd Hido's images make me want to be born in the 60's ( 60's? 70's? not quite sure) just to be able to grow up in one of these houses and come back 30 years later to feel that my nostalgia -for these places/images) is justified. He takes THOSE kind of  pictures. The ones that you think of taking them whenever you are going back home at  night or waking up early morning but you think " it's too cold" or " it's not going to be as good as it is in person" and BAAAAM he does it. His work involves photographs of urban and suburban housing. He also has a collection of found objects and images.  His use of light is so metimes minimal and I believe very successful. “ Homes at night” are a series of images that, as the name states, are exteriors and interiors at night.  The images are shown in different times of the year, day, night and weather. His use of light stays consistent with the street light or the indoor of the homes he shoots, but the weather conditions or the time of the night plays an interesting role in modifying the scenario in a natural way. When shooting interiors, the source of light may come from the technology in the room , creating an atmosphere that most of us can relate to. He also utilizes natural light from the outside revealing a particular time of the day.

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