Friday, December 9, 2016


            This duo Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler’s Eight series creates strong emotions viewing a little girl alone, cutting what appears to be her own birthday cake in the rain. Although originally a video installation, the film stills are just as powerful. Using cinematic lighting, hitting the front and side of the girl’s face, creates the heighten drama. Also, the set up of a party but no people adds to the sense of loneliness this girl must be feeling. Film still number six, a close up of the girl’s face as she stares into the distance further shows a sense of distraught. The order of the film stills are interesting in that the first two images, as well as the last four images are in the rain while the middle four images are inside before she heads out into the rain. Some of the images include only the set up of the party such as the tables while the rest include the girl. Desperately, the girl is trying to salvage her party by cutting her soggy cake to enjoy what is left from the destruction of the rain. Further, this girl seems to be trying to salvage more than just her party but her childhood, in fear of the future. More so, the number eight is significant in that the number eight shape goes on forever in a continuous loop. There is also a play of inside and outside with the party set up of the scene on a sound stage, which contributes to this confusing time in the girl’s life.

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