Sunday, December 11, 2016

Flor Ameira Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey

Cig Harvey’s photographs remind me of the kind of imagery I once was attracted to before becoming interested in photography. Bright colors, square compositions and pretty scenarios. I do not know how to feel about her work. A part of me loves the scenarios, the colors, the brightness and joyfulness portrayed in her images even in those with darker tones. Another part of me, is somewhat doubtful of the content that each one of her images beholds. I do not doubt or question the beauty of these but I do the content. Her images often make me wonder " Why does this matter ? " to her, to me. On the other hand, photographing for 10 years and putting it all together in a series of images that go well with one another might be where the power resides.  I think her compositions are well thought, her use of light is vital, and the awareness of the space she has often lets the viewer a space to breathe. Her main subjects are her family and everyday surrounding giving us a sense of familiarity yet wonder thanks to her often ways of cropping the human face.  “Cig Harvey’s deceptively simple photographs tap into the universal elements of the human experience: love, loss, longing and belonging

“ Gardening at night” and “ You look at me like an Emergency – act I , act II and act III “ are the works she is more known for. 

The Lamp, Self Portrait, 2005, San Francisco, California
The Cut Apple and Gingham Dress, Self Portrait, Clark’s Island, Maine, 2003The Hope Chest, Self Portrait, Rockport, Maine, 2007The Pink Living Room, Self Portrait with Doug, Camden, Maine, 2006

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