Friday, December 9, 2016


            Michael Corridores aims for the viewer to create their own story from their own experiences. At first glance, Corridore’s images from his series Angry Black Snake appear to be an environmental issue of pollution or the occurrence of a natural disaster. Using the full extent of ambiguity, the figures and images are difficult to identify because of the particles in the air. The environment creates a heighten sense of drama and curiosity. During a burnout competition, angry black snake refers to when a car overheats, blowing up the engine resulting in the radiator hose up into the air in a snake like form. From instinct, there is a natural human reaction to the smell and the physical smoke. Some have a face of wonderment, some curiosity and some of distress. For instance, one guy throws his hands in the air in excitement, embracing the scene while one girl has her hand over her head trying to observe from afar and another girl turns her back and covers her face from the smoke. These human reactions display the different kind of people and how each individual reacts in different ways. The smoke is a natural mask to the story. Corridores sought out crowds in moments of excitement and his goal is to use the environment as a way to abstract the context of the event, thus creating a dreamy space. Further, he aims at creating fiction from reality rather than documenting real life.

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