Friday, December 9, 2016


            “The hovering sculpture featured in this ongoing series of photographs are inspired by self-organizing, “emergent” systems in nature such a termite mounds, swarming locusts, schooling fish and blocking birds,” part of an artist statement from Thomas Jackson over Emergent Behavior. Alone, these creatures alone are not as harmful but together they are powerful lending to the idea of ability through numbers. By using everyday objects such as cups, plates, straws and so forth, Jackson is changing how we observe the item. By putting these objects in places not ordinary for them, such as landscapes, the process creates juxtaposition. More so, there is a contrast between the natural aspect of the landscapes and the manufacture aspect of the objects. Visually this translates as the vibrancy of the objects against the neutral colors of nature. Shot in the evening Glow Necklaces no. 2, Pescadero, California, 2016 displays the luminosity of glow sticks against the night sky. In this case, Take Out Containers no. 1, Montara, California, 2016 is a vibrant background amongst the clear form from plastic containers, almost flying away. Actually, many of the images appear to not only be floating but drifting away. Not only does Jackson place objects where they usual are not, he also creates interesting organic forms with these objects, some close together and some more spread apart. Although not intentional some images such as Thank You Bags no. 1, Saratoga, Wyoming, 2013 and Cups no. 3, Novato, California, 2014 creates an environmental undertone. Nonetheless, this series strives to evoke the curiosity and uncertainty of these emergent systems through floating sculptures.

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