Saturday, September 5, 2009

09/05/09 Jennifer Williams "First Friday"

(This Friday I went to Blue Star early, before First Friday began. I was amazed. I decided then, that for this first blog I would write about the experience of First Friday, rather than specific art. I hope that's ok!!)

Oh, First Friday- Rushed Lover.

You no longer offer me enough...

Like lovers, are the artist and the art.... and you are too greedy, you want everything, you want it now. You get in the way.

You are a third wheel.

Over there you are, in the corner mixing drinks-calling me from my true love with enticing superfluous pink and red aromas of fermetation....
Over here you are, with your elbows in my ribs as I gaze into the photographs, trying to let them wash over me....
"Whoa, look at that!" you shout, interrupting the experience of this moment captured, this light, this depth, this tonality...

You drag me along with you, touching here, touching there, never lingering- with my eyes always looking back.

First Friday, you leave me hungry for more.

I leave you to your virginal brides... to them bring your basket of goodies. Wine and dine them, impress them- and while you have their attention teach them the language of art. Teach them well.

For me, I will visit Art alone- before the two of you commence to seducing the masses. We will converse, we will play. I will gaze for as long as I need to. We will act and react, and linger awhile, pondering the moment, the experience. And we will see each other again... alone or perhaps in your presence.

But I warn you, First Friday, when I visit it will be with tender, yet ulterior motives. I will visit, but I will ask that you remove your elbows from the ribs of our fellow lovers...

The artworks in the galleries this month are AMAZING. I'm so glad I was able to see them in a quiet, calm environment. I suggest that if the only time you got to see them was during chaotic First Friday, you visit them again, when it's not so busy.
First Friday is not so bad... it's fun, and you CAN actually learn a lot by talking with the other viewers, etc. It's a great experience. But I DO think it's important that you also get that time to see the art on your own.
So do it!


  1. Jennifer-
    Moving. And so true. The crowds on Friday were soggy and sweaty and I enjoyed the Thursday night opening more as it was much less crowded.
    Listen to Jennifer, go some other time when you can spend time with the work that intrigues and challenges you most. It is too easy to miss something wonderful when you are hip to hip with the masses.
    Art next time missy...

  2. Hooray for early First Fridays!

    -Brittany G.