Saturday, September 5, 2009

9.5.09 Apryl Corbin Michael Berman

Like most of you, I went to first Friday this weekend. It was rainy and I wore flip-flops! So beer and rain don't mix! However, I will let you know that rain and art do! I went looking and hoping to see some amazing photos, so I started off at the Armon studio it was sweet, but crowded! So then I went to the studio across the street. It was located upstairs and there was no air conditioning and people were packed like sardines so I immediately turned around and walked the other way. Then I moseyed my way over to Blue Star where I saw many amazing desert photos! My favorites were by Michael Berman. I loved the deserted items I found them really odd and hilarious. The way he really brought out the contrast and detail was simply amazing. He tended to capture the shadows in his photographs that really added character and mystery to his images. Berman reminded me why I started photography! It wasn't really his images, but the messages his images where sending out. The idea of people inhabitation a place and the out come of it, Whether it being destruction, things left behind, or the imprint that life left. This is the reason why I started taking pictures in high school. I was fascinated in the idea of life and the way we leave a mark on the world, and I hoped to capture the life around me. I started by joining yearbook and documenting high school events, then it evolved to where I am now. I am really into taking pictures of the old and finding the interesting aspects in that, as well as night shots. So, photography...I am thankful for! Well, that and rain...and beer.


  1. Apryl,
    Maybe let that beer subside a little before you blog next week...though the enthusiasm is appreciated.
    There are many photographers who work in this vein. Mark Klett, Nathan Sutton, John Pfahl (Power Places), Michael Kenna (Ratcliffe Power Station). It is and interesting challenge to make beautiful imagery of not so beautiful subject matter. Most of these guys do so very well. Look up "new topographics" in the library. You should find a book or two and some good articles that look at how people are approaching landscape today.

  2. lol...I was TOTALLY sober when I wrote this!

  3. Apryl, I'm right there with you on the detail. Did you see the one with the decaying birds and bugs? I must have stared at that one for ten full minutes. The longer I stared the more I saw. His ability to bring out texture is just amazing.
    -Brittany G.