Saturday, September 5, 2009

9/05/09 Jenelle Esparza

Hello all. FotoSieptembre has given us lots of art to look at and, as a photography major, this month is especially great.

The first show I saw this week was “Far Places Close” in the UTSA Art Gallery. Brenda Davidson-Shaddox, Thomas Neff, and Luisa Wheeler exhibited their work from their time in south Asia. All together the show was beautiful and we all enjoyed the colorful images; however, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the B&W images from Tom Neff’s large format camera. We’re aware of the image quality that digital technology offers; however, when one sees a digital image up next to (or in the same show as) an image from a view camera, there is a noticeable difference. I don’t mean to downplay any digital work, but in terms of this show, the stronger image award goes to Neff. I was initially drawn to his side of the gallery. As soon as one walks in, the detail from the images already makes an impression. There is depth, contrast, and lots of information in the subjects, and the images were beautifully printed. Not a spec of dust on them, gradations from black to grey to white were pleasing to look at. As I was looking at them I thought that maybe he spot toned. (?) Hope some of you went to listen to Neff talk last week. He explained the images in the show as well as his other projects. If not you all should go see the work if you haven't already. Gorgeous show. –jenelle--ps. I will post a picture next week.


  1. Jenelle-
    You are absolutely correct...nothing beats an image from a 4x5, well, except maybe a contact image from an 11x14 camera printed with palladium. Large format really does give you ultimate detail. Ahhhh large format, how do we love thee...

  2. Jenelle-
    I agree completely. I actually found some of the digital prints visually unpleasing. Not all of the prints were clear or well printed. Tom’s on the other hand were near perfection. The crispness of his tones didn’t go unnoticed and I found my self starring at the Beverage Vendor, #2 I believe, for some time.