Friday, July 30, 2010

Andrea Couture submits James Pomerantz

James Pomerantz is a young contemporary photographer. Most of his work is documentary but can change with each project. He travels around the world documenting different cultures. Many of the places he goes are post Soviet areas. He does a wonderful job capturing the hardships a country and its citizens go through while trying to rebuild themselves but he is also able to show how these situations have become normal for the people. I have traveled to a country that was once under the rule of the Soviet Union so I am able to identify with his photographs. His photographs take me back to the things and faces I saw while on my travels.
Above is a photograph from Pomerantz's series Agua Sagrada. This body of work has a bit of a different feeling from the rest of his work. At first glance the photos from this series look like they have been staged but after reading an interview with him on I found out that this was not the case. He shot these photos while visiting a cenote in Mexico. He said that he sat on a ledge in the cenote and watched how the swimming people interacted with the one spot of light in the cave. I think that these photos are beautiful in their simplistic state and I enjoy seeing the different expressions and reactions people have to the one light source.
To see more of Pomerantz's work go to his website:

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