Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bianca submits Joshua Hoffine

As I was scouring the web looking at many different genres of photography I ran into this guy's work. Horror Photography. hmmm. interesting. I don't usually get drawn towards color photos but these had a movie film quality that I enjoyed. Joshua tends to use family members to create his images and uses photoshop to adjust his contrast, color and small parts of the scene. I consider this storyline photography-- it follows a "nightmare" pattern. I was very interested to see how he set up his scenes. I am positive he HAD to have been influenced by B-rated horror flicks (how could he NOT have?) ~ which I absolutely love to watch (during the day w/ all my lights on :P). He goes ten steps further into the gore than I would but I do feel inspired to push my envelope since seeing these images. He often has his characters look straight into the camera...almost daring you to look further. Even though this style of photography is not exactly what I see myself doing I can appreciate his artistic approach to a subject matter that is commonly uncomfortable. Check out his works at the website below-- but do it with the lights ON.....LOL

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  1. MMMM.....I agree 100%. Totally not my niche of photography in terms of genre but I can't undermine the brilliance in subject matter and daring ways of pushing the limits. I clicked on the link and was led to the page and the first image was direct enough that I did not need to look at more. Though once intrigued by the content of course I had to explore. None of the other images gave my heart a sudden pound the way the one with the keyhole and the man inside of this space caught in the act of murdering or just finished murdering someone. I believe it had to do with the foreground of the key hole being so close in contrast to the figures in the background. It comes unexpectedly because the aesthetics of the key engage the viewer so high in "fine art" formally that I was not expecting the background to have such grotesque human interactions. Even though I knew I was getting ready to look Again NOT MY CHOICE OF CONTENT but as a viewer definitely eye catching stop in your tracks imagery!