Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Brittany Kennedy 7/13/10

This past Saturday I went to second Saturdays at Lonestar Studios for the first time. They had a section of photographs taken by young children from the ages of 6-15. I was very impressed by many of the images however this one stood out the most in concept. The image of a bus with the stop sign visible in the middle plane behind a fence in focus has amazing attention detail for a 9 year old boy named Jeremiah Gonzales. The perspective draws you into the photograph even though the fence has a flatness in the foreground the vanishing point created by the perspective of the bus allows your eye to move through the image from the front to the back and rest on the green bushes in the background. The clouds have exquisite detail and add a restful contrast to the yellow hue of the bus and perspective contrasting against the controversial flat fence. This relationship between the perspective of the bus and flatness of the fence should essentially create uneasiness for the viewer however the balance of the overall image allows the viewer to stay engaged. The reflections of the clouds in the windows of the bus also add a slight detail that when noticed is very appeasing to the eye. As for as content working from a concept, the idea of being caged and warnings of "stop" mixed with the history of being on a bus associating with travel is very strong. I automatically associate it with childhood and the struggle to find ones identity amongst the idea of being trapped in ones own self or an ideal society. The fence also alludes to a connection with life the way it interlocks with each other creating a vast space and relationship between the slight positive and negative space which in the background is filled with another type of space. Structurally the composition of this photo is strong and allows the viewer to be captivated and study the elements in their full entirety.

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