Thursday, July 15, 2010

Andrea Couture submitting David Roberts

I found a photographer that shoots with a Holga!
David Roberts is a photojournalist turned wedding photojournalist. In his work the photojournalistic qualities are apparent; he tries to represent what he actually sees. By using the Holga he does not have technology getting in his way of representing, thus making his photographs a little more pure and straight forward.
What caught my eye in his work is the creative angles he uses. Many of the photographs are shot from a different perspective than what might be someone else's natural instinct to shoot from. An example being shooting from a horse's point of view rather than the spectator's point of view. Also, in many of his photos he breaks up the space in an interesting way; such as dividing a seated old couple by a lamp post (similar to Lee Friedlander). These are some of the things I try to think about when taking my own photos; always looking from a different angle to try to find a perspective that not everyone has seen before.
While there are several aspects of his work that I enjoy there are also a few things that I am not so crazy about. I am not a big fan of sports photos but I feel that he does a good job with the subject matter. I also appreciate seeing the different genres that a Holga can be used for.
Here is the link to his website. I was not able to take any of the photos off the website so sorry for the lack of examples. You'll just have to go to the website and check his work out yourself! (My favorite are the ones under the "Americana" section, especially the ones with the ferris wheel.)

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