Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blair Bodden submits Robb Kendrick

This imagery may not interest everyone but maybe his technique may spark an interest in you.
Robb Kendrick is a known National Geographic photographer and a sixth-generation Texan. Kendrick has become very intrigued in using tintypes to portray his subjects. This artist does not use batteries or memory cards or even film for his pictures. Kendrick just uses time, patience, a wooden box camera, and some good old hard work. His pictures are made by exposing and developing wet iron plates after they have been coated with a light-sensitive solution of silver nitrate. He prepares the plates in a portable field darkroom. The subject matter that intrigues Kendrick to produce this painstaking work is the world of cowboys. The cowboy culture has been around for 100s of years and never changing this is what seems to attract Kendrick to his subject matter.
Kendrick has also use tintype to document Mexican Mummies the book is entitled Changelings. Kendrick drives from state to state and also to Mexico (where he lives) and to Canada for his subjects. He does not fly due to all the chemicals he carries with him for his tintypes on the road.
Below is a link to his website check and there are links to articles about him there

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