Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Brittany Kennedy July 28, 2010

Harry Callahan was a photographer that Libby directed me to for inspiration. His images are aesthetically stunning. The content of his work is a mix between exploiting nature, architecture combined with simplifying the formal shapes combined with the human figure. He plays with natural light sources using the window as a formal element in the photograph which radiates the sillouhetted figure in an almost abstract way yet still very representational. The tonal ranges in his images are captivating creating subtle gradations in contrast between the blacks and whites. Callahan's printing technique provides the images with a sense of inviting warmth into private spaces. Elenor, Callahan's wife is the woman in the photograph which enhances the content in terms of a private space being documented & photograph with the illusion that the person may not know the camera is there since her back is turned. These images lend to similar content that I found in Carrie Yury's photographs except her images are modern and contemporary versus Callahans straight forward black and white images which stand well on their own as a statement!

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